Cause there's nothing quite like the real thing!

Fueled by a passion to create a delicious hard seltzer that isn't full of chemical junk & so-called 'natural flavors' we started the journey with all real ingredients.

Working with real fruits, juices, purees, herbs and superfoods we've crafted a series of sophisticated, sensual and mouth watering flavor profiles that we know you'll absolutely love!

We don't like putting fake junk into our bodies, and we're guessing you don't either! When you drink an elephant, you can sip with confidence, knowing that our calories are really friendly ;)



Most other sissy-seltzers are putting out the standard 4-5% ABV. We think that's soft!

We decided to provide a little more bang for your buck, opting for a higher octane 6.5%ABV to put us nicely into the 'craft' category. After all - it is 'hard' seltzer right?

Now you can enjoy fewer drinks and fewer calories, whilst still having all the feels!

You're welcome ;)



Our mission has always been 'do good, be good, make good.’ It's a mantra that motivates us towards kindness, consideration and community.

A crisp, cold elephant is definitely best enjoyed with your people, so grab a couple cans, text the homies and #GETTRUNK!

Beyond the blissful moments of refreshment an Elephant Seltzer provides, you can drink with joy, knowing that a percentage of every penny you spent with us is being given back towards saving rare, threatened and endangered animals species, as well as educating and equipping local communities towards eco-sustainable futures.

SO, what does it mean to #GETTRUNK?

To get trunk is to get loud, crazy, joyful and make the most of the moment. You can ‘#GETTRUNK' anywhere, anytime, by firing up the stoke levels and sharing all the good things you have with those around you.

The Elephant motto of '#GETTRUNK' stands for so much more than just enjoying the buzz that a strong ABV provides! More than a funny pun, it’s an attitude, an outlook and an ability to celebrate life in every moment.

Our dream is to be in the hands of fun-loving folks everywhere who are living life to the fullest. We believe wholeheartedly in good - that’s why our product is good, why our ingredients are good and why we choose to do good with the profits that we make.

Join the movement, grab an elephant craft hard seltzer and…

Our brand is inspired by the noble African elephant - a supremely sophisticated and beautiful creature. These majestic creatures are constantly battling unbelievable odds of survival and major threats to their natural habitats.

That’s why we’ve chosen to partner with charities and non-profits championing the cause to rescue, rehabilitate and re-shape the story of not just the African Elephant, but all endangered wildlife.

We only have one planet, with all of its diversity, brilliance, and beauty. We wanted to make a difference, and this is how we figured we would start. So for every Elephant Craft can you drink-
you’re making the same impact!

Drink an Elephant, save an elephant!

All you need to #GETTRUNK!